“Witchcraft convinced me to kill my son...
I was caught and put in jail," Honore in Africa explained. "However, I managed to escape and moved to a different country. After watching the JESUS film, I was convicted of my sin and asked God to forgive me. I want to serve Him the rest of my life.” Honore now attends the Preaching Point started in her village. She asked for prayer to continue living a changed life by serving the loving God.

Hi, Ambassadors!

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you…and a lot has happened. The most important thing to know is God is using the JESUS film and the 681 teams around the world to bring in the harvest like we’ve never seen before. Every 41 seconds another person makes a decision for Christ…just like Honore did in the testimony above. We receive stories like hers every day! I rejoice to know more lives are being eternally changed by God.

So how can you, as Ambassadors, help JFHP in the mission? We need every Ambassador to pray for the ministry, help promote JFHP, and give financially to help support JESUS Film teams. Years ago we encouraged everyone to give at least $1 a day to provide the opportunity for 120 people to make a decision to follow Jesus. Many of you began giving $30 a month as Harvest 120 sponsors.

If you are still giving, thank you so much for your faithfulness! Now, I am asking you to call other Ambassadors who are not currently giving and encourage them to begin contributing just $1 a day. If you, as a JESUS Film Ambassador, are not giving regularly, please pray about what God would ask you to contribute. Would you join us this month?

I’ve saved the really good news to the end. One JFHP Ambassador couple has promised to DOUBLE every “Harvest 120” gift that we receive in the next three months. Praise the Lord! This means when you give $1 a day for a year, instead of 120 people, it’s 240 people making a decision to follow Jesus. Now that’s a wonderful spiritual return on your investment in precious souls for Christ…just like Honore!

It’s your time to step forward to pray, promote and give — supporting our JESUS Film teams as they bring in the harvest.

John Cunningham, missionary
National Ambassador Coordinator
JESUS Film Harvest Partners

We need your leadership! Our goal is to have at least 278 Ambassadors be Harvest 120 sponsors. You’re invited to prayerfully consider giving in this capacity. For more information and to print the 2018 Ambassador Campaign flyer, click here!

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